Custom made Saya

Custom Made Saya

Tradition, Passion and devotion

Each saya is made with traditional materials such as: Magnolia wood, Buffel Horn and Hand mixed Lacquer. The whole proces is done by hand. You will be included during the whole proces from A to Z.

About Custom made Saya

Some years ago I started to make a saya for one of my swords. Something I always wanted to do. I soon discovered it was important to rely on the knowledge that was created through hundreds of years experience from the land of origin; Japan. I started to study the materials that where traditionaly used and started to experiment with it. This resulted in a several beautiful works. Now I started to take commissions for custom made saya. it is a wonderful process where the customers wishes meets the characteristics of the sword. When starting a new project it is always a surprice to see that the saya is only really finished when the sword can be placed in it.

Please feel free to contact me for any inquiry. I'm looking forward for any new project to start.